Premium League of Legends Account in Eu-Ne Region




League of legends account on Eu-Ne (Can be moved to any region, there is no problem with it) Premium account of League of Legends. This is my main league of legends account that I had in 7-8 years of playing league of legends. I took kinda good care of it, so yea. Why do I sell my league of legends account? The game got weird to me, I was a diamond players than after a few months of not playing league I was demoted to P3 from D2 and that was it. I couldn't climb to Diamond again, the new season came and got even harder, new runes, lots of new players, and impossible to deal with the tilt-pressure. So I think it would be nice if I can sell it, I have lots of memories on this account I have met my real-life wife, I had different moments and loads of strange and comfy feelings. I've invested much time and money into this account, so I hope the new owner of it would be pleased. Let's BEGIN! Level 62 Eu-Ne (also have been on Eu-W with this account but moved back in Eu-Ne due to ping issues) Platinium border, had the diamond, got demoted, couldn't go back to diamond until the end of the season , had like 3 days left. Finished Platinium 1. SKINS 246 in total. - All the ultimate skins (SGU, Pulsefire Ez, DJ Sona, Elementalist Lux) - Mythic Skins (The ones purchased with 10 gemstones) Hextech Annie, Neo Pax Sivir, Soulstealer Vayne. - 18 Legendary Skins (1820RP) - 46 Epic Skins(1350RP) 73 Legacy and 5 Chromas. The account has new skin's mostly and quality ones I bought only what I liked the most. I HAVE ALL CHAMPIONS IN THE GAME TO THIS DATE. Has tones of summoner icons, new and old ones, 33K Blue Essence, and lots of Mastery 7 Champions. Considering the amount of time and money and also feelings that I've spend into this account I would sell it for 1,600$. Paypal or credit card or Bank Transfer or WU. I won't deal with kids, I won't give the account for free or "testing". You pay it, you get it, then you can do what you want with it. I will also respond to e-mail request about what skins do have or if it has a skin that you desire. I will also not reveal the account name, like I said who buys the account will have the full authority on it, but for the moment I'm the original owner of it. I won't risk any ban, also I should state that this account was not used with 3rd party programs or cheats, codes, etc. This is a clean, premium Account of League of Legends. E-mail for business purposes only [email protected]