RLCS S4 Contender Rocket League Steam account




I’m currently selling my steam account. I’m an ex-pro Rocket League player. I used to go by the alias “blaze”. My account has RLCS SEASON 4 CONTENDER tag, ESL MONTHLY CHAMPION, and SEASON 3-6 GRAND CHAMPION Titles. Along with all of this, you’d get all of the items that are currently on the account. Steam account comes with other games as well, H1Z1, PUBG, CS:GO, DOTA 2. No VAC ban or trade bans. If you know the rocket league scene, I also have many other Pro Rocket League players, casters and analysts added as friends. Looking for serious offers only. Also am interested in boosting accounts. DM me on twitter if interested @rl_blaze. I can provide screenshots of anything you’d need. Thanks!