Seling account EUNA (last season d5)




Selling acc with 135 champions, 25100 BE, last season was d5 now unranked ,champs not owned are Kei'sa, Ornn, Quinn , Zoe and Camille,has 40 skins 1 of them ultimate pulsefire ezrael, no mythic skins , 1 legendary Brolaf, 2 epic skins, pool party Taric and project:yasuo and all owned are Frostfire Annie Forsaken Olaf Brolaf Riot Kayle Samurai Yi Unchained Alistar Warrior Princess Sivir Spectacular Sivir Victorious Sivir Riot Girl Tristana Cowgirl Miss Fortune The Mighty Jax Warden Jax Victorious Morgana Masquerade Evelynn Mad Hatter Shaco Royal Shaco Captain Gangplank Pool Party Taric Goalkeeper Blitzcrank Victorious Maokai SKT T1 Elise Vandal Brand Traditional Lee Sin Pool Party Lee Sin Primal Udyr Full Metal Pantheon Pulsefire Ezreal Debonair Ezreal Infernal Mordekaiser Commando Garen Dreadknight Garen Iron Solari Leona Deep Sea Kog'Maw Victorious Graves Royal Guard Fiora PROJECT: Yasuo Shockblade Zed Urf the Nami-tee Deep Terror Thresh