Sell Minecraft Premium Unmigrated Full Access Accounts.




Sell Minecraft Premium Unmigrated Full Access Accounts. In some case you can get Free Windows 10 Key! These accounts are NOT re-sold! The accounts that you get are yours, and yours only! Warranty 30 days You can change on Account: Email,Password,Name,SQ and Skin. Contact: Skype nicos154 Discord SwiftAlts#4670 .Instructions: 1) Go to 2) Enter the email, username, password provided from the purchase. 3) At the bottom, you have to put your OWN email. 4) Once migrated, the account is now fully your own account. 5) To login the account, go to 6) Enter the email of your own that you used on step 3. 7) Check that email and you will have a password reset request and then you can reset it. 8) Once the password has been reset, you can login and change whatever you want. 9) The account is fully yours, not anybody elses and is private to you only. You will receive the accounts via provided email, in this format: user:email:pass ToS - Infos : • No refund - In case of a chargeback it will result in a scamreport and a blacklist. • This Produsct have 30 days warranty • HQ Products - Trusted and Reliable seller.