Selling level 375 account




Never tried a service like this before so im kinda wary, but im desperate and never play Overwatch anymore, I have all pre-order skins unlocked, including noire widowmaker, includes ALL skins for every event that has happened so far Have mostly all unlocks for all characters, if specific on certain skins you can shoot me a message on discord Smör#0001 Mercy main, with all her stuff unlocked including golden weapon, have enough CP for another golden weapon 274hrs put into the game Again, if curious about anything or want to know about the account, message me on Discord Price: make me an offer, but from what i've seen its better to put offers, so if you have a price throw at me and we'll see where it goes from there would be an excellent price, but if you want it a bit cheaper, shoot me a message and we can discuss Note: accounts name is BulgeLover rather embarassing name I chose when drunk, just a heads up, can knock down price a bit if you plan on changing the name RIGHT away lol I ACCEPT PAYPAL ONLY S1: 46 S2: 2388 S3: 2600 S4: 2509 S5: 2695 S6: 2674 S7: 2768 S8: 2899 S9: UNRANKED Also email me as well