Selling LvL 34 NA Gold 2 League ACC




Hey guys basically I don't play much anymore cause of my wife and having to take care of my kids and working because of that im trying to sell my account ive spent a lot of money on skins and other stuff this account has a lot of legacy skins and skins in general plus aton of champions i will list the champions below along with the legacy skins just warning you a long list below if anyone if interested you can email me at [email protected] for more info etc LEGACY SKINS deep sea kogmaw underworld twisted fate headmistress fiora butcher urgot persues pantheon vandal jax marble malphite traditional trundle forsaken olaf hechtech janna riot kayle lochness chogath nightmare chogath noxus poppy executioner mundo feral warwick CHAMPIONS aatrox akali alistar ammumu annie ashe azir Blitzcrank Caitlyn Chogath Corki Darius Diana Dr mundo Ekko Elise Evelynn Ezreal Fiddlesticks Fiora Fizz Galio Gangplank Garen Gragas Graves Hecarim Ivern Janna Jax Jayce Jhin Jinx Kalista Kassadin Katarina Kayle Kennen Khazix Kog maw Leblanc Lee sin Lulu Lux Malphite Maokai Master yi Miss fortune Mordekaiser Morgana Nasus Nidalee Nunu Olaf Orianna Ornn Pantheon Poppy Rammus Reksai Renekton Riven Rumble Ryze Shaco Shen Shyvana Singed Sion Sivir Sona Soraka Talon Taric Teemo Thresh Tristana Trundle Tryndamere Twisted fate Twitch Udyr Urgot Varus Vayne Veigar Volibear Warwick Wukong Xayah Xin zhao Yasuo Zed Ziggs Zilleany