Selling my old Account




32 Champions 1-Alistar Skin 2-Chogat Skin (Legendary Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath) 1-Mundo Skin 1-Heckarim Skin 3-Kogmaw Skin 1-Le Sin Skin 1-Malphite Skin 1-Miss Fortune Skin 1-Nasus Skin 1-Nautalius Skin(AstroNautalius) 1-Renekton Skin 1-Singed Skin 1-Udyr Skin 1-Warwick Skin Hey guys , This is my old account i have not played in a long time ( at least 3 years maybe even more ) The account is not ranked ( at all) I do not recall when i created the account but somewhere before 2012( as i can see from when skins where acquired