Selling osrs 124 combat main




Selling my osrs account, created by myself in 2006 has a RS3 account linked to it but I will focus on the osrs account. 17 days membership remaining on the account from june 11th. I will transfer the registered email address to the new owner and give the recovery answers. no gold on the account but many untradeables such as... 98 slayer! 83 construction with ornate pool/jewellery box and all teles 300 chompy kills hat medium lumbridge/draynor + ardougne diary all other hard diaries kurask head + 2 abby heads Dragon defender Barrows gloves Void range + melee + mage Elite Avas Assembler Imbued zamorak cape fire cape arch light imbued crystal bow fighter hat fighter torso rune pouch looting bag salve amulet (ei) graceful hood/cape/body/legs bonecrusher 10 vorkath heads Dagannoth Prime pet Skotos pet 255 QP including Monkey madness 1/2, Desert treasure, Dragonslayer 1/2, lunar diplomacy, recipe for disaster