Steam Account




Steamcalculator - $995, Steamcompanion - $1245 But why do I sell for 1k? Steamcalculator doesn't count your inventory and there are a lot of games where you have your things only in the game. For example, I have a lot of clothes and guns in PUBG and almost all of the DLC and other stuff in Rocket League. And so on and so forth. Also, I used to play a lot (2000+ hours) in different games (and it counts only online sessions! there are about 500-1000 of hours offline) and there are a lot of saves in a lot of games. You can offer me an another cost maybe, I am free to talk about it. And at last, in addition I can give you my account with Overwatch (2500rank) or with WoW (5 lvl100+ characters)