All the questions about super servers: ①What makes super servers different? --Servers designed for the strong China's servers specially built for the strong, need more than 2 diamonds to apply for access to the server. ②Why to enter super server --Lol the strongest challenger are few in number.There's enough player base here.Over 2800 players from Masters and above --Here you can challenge stronger people when you want to be stronger ③What does an account have? --You have a chance to enter your name. If you are not satisfied with your name. You can also buy renamed cards. --Game account with 300,000 blue, 300,000 riot,blue for heros,riot for skins,For example, IG a champion skin needs 7900 riot. --You can also get 10000 riot a week. --But I hope you have the game strength,and buy it. ④Is Account Safe and Reliable? --Permanent after sale ⑤Other matters Account is a season system. Some conditions must be met before disqualification can be avoided. --Account has two areas, one is the super server, the other is the ordinary area, you must maintain in the ordinary area maintenance bureau, Diamond 2 or more. --Accounts need to re-download the game client, your physical location from Shanghai, China can not exceed 3,500 kilometers, otherwise you will not be able to play the game properly. ***You can test it before you buy it.*** --You can't violate LOL's game rules. ⑥I can give you my account number first and pay in 15 days. Let you believe me, I trust you first. ***If you have any other questions, please contact me*** Whether you want the account of this server or the account of other servers, I hope you will contact me first. Leave a message to express your doubts and I will answer them. --Discord needs to be verified. After verification, leave a message directly, you can use G2G chat directly, or leave a message directly on my Facebook. discord BlackHole#0786 facbook: