Unraked Account for sale – EUNE




I have grown tired of my old account and the amount of money i invested in it haunts me, so i am here to sell it at negotiable price to get rid fo it. As can be seen the masterfully screenshoted pictures below captured by yours truely, this account contains a total of: - 120 unlocked champion ( The remaining champions i hated so i never unlocked em) - 88 skins split among various champions, though mostly supports, ADC's and mages, which i mained - 14 riot points because math was hard - 3175 blue essense - The account is currently unranked - 201 mastery points (if you value such things) I would appreciate it if potential buyers would agree to negotiate any price changes or transactions over Discord. Since i am only allowed to post one picture (are you f'in kidding me website!?) i will gladly supply the remaining pictures over discord if requested by the buyer Discord: Okami#1256