Unranked account




I've had the account since season 2, nobody else has ever owned it. I don't want to be tempted to play this piece of shit ever again so I'm selling it. 10 ip and 3009 blue essence. Never finished a season above bronze, but the account has been in silver. The account is level 32. I own 35 skins and 98 champs Skins: professor ryze highland tryndamere viking tryndamere demonblade tryndamere unchained alistair judgement kayle badger teemo goth annie riot girl tristana white mage veigar arcade sona corporate mundo obsidian malphite phantom karthus shamrock malphite full metal rammus uncle ryze astronautilus jurassic cho'gath glacial malphite tpa mundo abyssal nautilus astronaut teemo officer caitlyn iblitzcrank runeguard volibear armor of the fifth age taric championship thresh iron solari leona dragonslayer braum lord mordekaiser mecha kha'zix pool party fiora star guardian lulu tyrant swain Unowned champs: aurelion sol azir bard camille cassiopeia diana ekko gnar gragas illaoi ivern jhin jinx kalista karma kayn kennen kindred kled lissandra maokai nami orianna ornn quinn rakan rek'sai rumble syndra tahm kench taliyah trundle urgot varus vel'koz viktor xayah xerath yasuo zoe zyra If you want any more information just message me. I'm very open on the price, I don't know what market value is for any accounts and I just want it gone