Unranked EU West lvl 55 account, 67 champions, 99 skins, some with high value and borders




An unranked account for League of Legends. It's level 55 and has 67 champions, 99 skins, 65 icons (not counting the default ones), 5 rune pages, 139 RP and 5168 Blue essence (or IP). There is some high value skins like Gun Goddess Miss Fortune and DJ Sona, 3 Legendaries for Teemo, Caitlyn and Jinx. Skin borders for Project Jhin, Lunar Guardian Nasus, Star Guardian Ezreal and also for Gun Goddess Miss Fortune. It has 39 Legacy skins. Mastery Level 6 for Jhin, Sona and Jinx. Mastery Level 5 for Ekko, Varus, Karma, Rakan, Malzahar, Miss Fortune, Ahri, Xayah and Nasus. There is some wards skins and emotes too. The account is clean, no bans.