Level 30 NA Unranked, 100+ skins high value




117 skins: 68 Legacy, 6 chroma, 38 epic, 10 legendary, 2 ultimate ((INCLUDES ELEMENTALIST LUX AND DJ SONA)) Mastery score: 241 -- Level 7 w/ Lux, Rakan, Lulu -- Level 6 w/ Jinx, Bard, Kindred, Orianna, Gnar Blue Essence: 10867 Orange Essence: 748 Rare Gemstones: 1 RP: 109 Rune Pages: 5 Previously ranked S2 Earliest icons go back to when the summoner's rift was changed More pictures can be provided and I will answer questions about skins I have. ANY CHAMPION OR SKIN POST RAKAN RELEASE I DO NOT HAVE!!!